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 \ ˈklēn \  


1. free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained:
2. free from foreign or extraneous matter:
3. free from pollution; unadulterated; pure: not radioactive:
4. characterized by a fresh, wholesome quality: inoffensive in language or content; without obscenity.
5. free from all writing or marking: having few or no corrections; easily readable:
6. free from roughness or irregularity: free from defects or flaws:
7. not ornate; gracefully spare; forceful and simple; trim; streamlined: neatly or evenly made or proportioned; shapely; trim:
8. complete; unqualified: free from qualifications or restrictions: made without any unanticipated difficulty or interference:
9. morally pure; innocent; upright; honorable: showing good sportsmanship; fair:
10. dexterously performed; adroit:


1. so as to clean: in a clean manner
2. all the way:completely

1. to make clean:  to rid of dirt, impurities: to rid of corruption; remove, eradicate
2. strip: to remove the entrails from:
3. to deprive of:
4. to make sweeping reforms or changes


1. an act of cleaning dirt especially from the surface of something


aseptic,  decontaminated, dirt-free,   disinfect, good,  hygienic,  immaculate,  laundered,  mop,  pristine,  rinse,  sanitary,  scour,  scrub,  scrubbed,  sluice,  sponge, spotless,  sterile,  sterilized, swab,  unblemished,  unsoiled,  unstained,  unsullied,  upright,  upstanding, virtuous,  wash,  washed,  wipe

aware, cloudy, complicated, contaminated, corrupt, dark, dirty, disorderly, disorganized, dull, filthy, foul, gloomy, impure, obscure, sloppy, slovenly, soiled, tainted, uncertain, unclean, unclear, unintelligible, unsterile, untidy


Prefix: pre-, re-, un-, over-, half-, ultra-, super-

Suffix: -ness, -ly, -er, -ing, -sing, -se -est, -ish, -ening, -able, -ed, –ability, -liness


housecleaning, uncleanness, uncleanly, uncleanliness, uncleaned, housecleaner, precleaned, precleaning, uncleansed


Origin and Etymology:
before 900;

Middle English clene, Old English clǣne pure, clear, cognate with Old High German kleini (German klein small)

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