Homeschool Philosophies Quiz Results

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Give that we received an unexpected windfall this month; of course my first thought is curriculum and teaching supplies. Daddybear and I had been discussing possibly attempting a Charlotte Mason style approach, being that Easy Peasy was a flop. Along comes this quiz, and now I think I will continue with our eclectic/usnchooling methods; just making sure to actually DO something each day!

For their Christmas presents this year, we are giving them ‘explorer backpacks’ fully loaded, and new tablets for learning with. We have a nabi, a kindle fire, and a China-cheapie tablet for the moment; but there is always one issue or another with them. I am getting them each a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and a bulletproof case so that we can utilize the greater processing power and speed up loading of and other learning apps.


Anyways; now that I have rambled some; here are the results of the quiz over at

Score for Charlotte Mason: 13
Score for Classical Education: 16
Score for Montessori Education: 13
Score for Project-Based Learning: 15
Score for Reggio-Inspired:16
Score for Thomas Jefferson Education: 13
Score for Traditional Education: -5
Score for Unit Studies Approach: 23
Score for Unschooling Approach: 20
Score for Waldorf Education: 15

The higher the number; the more you value that particular teaching style.

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