Gotta take that first step…

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My son was born in April 2010, and I knew then he probably wasn’t going to be a part of the public school system. That’s right, I have played with the idea of homeschooling since birth.

What’s wrong with the Public School System? Well, in the USA, number one problem in my eye, is the ‘teaching to test’ mentality the teachers MUST take in this day and age. I just don’t want my children to be one more body in the classroom, whether they are ahead, behind or just average. Not to say that those parents that do send their children to these schools are wrong. It’s just not what I want for MY children.

Homeschooling is appealing to me, as there are many many perks.

Wanna sleep in? Cool.
Can’t sleep? Awesome, let’s work on some math.
Vacation in the Bahamas? Yes please, we can learn from the local culture.
Pajama day whenever and however often we want.

Plus, my kiddos will never have an outrageous student to teach ratio.
This blog will record our adventures, misadventures and log our actual school times&activities.


Thank you for joining us.