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de·bate \ di-ˈbāt , dē- \  


  1. a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints:

  2. a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers.

  3. deliberation; consideration.


  1. to engage in argument or discussion, as in a legislative or public assembly: to participate in a formal debate.

  2. to deliberate; consider:

  3. to fight; quarrel : to argue or discuss (a question, issue, or the like), as in a legislative or public assembly


argumentation discussion, presentation, conflict, clash, altercation, deliberation, question, ponder, reason, expose, dissent, differ, oppose, object, disagree, attack, deny, refute argue, speech, squabble, dispute, fight, disagreement, contemplate, examine, confer deliberate, discuss, consider, conversation, meeting

agree, decide, acceptance, approval , peace, quiet, conclude, accordance, consensuscompliance, harmony, concede, concur, consent, covenant, accommodation, acknowledge, allow, acquiescence, adjudicate, arrangement, believe, coerce


Related Words:
cogitation, contemplation, meditation, pondering, rumination; introspection; agonizing, hesitation, indecision; premeditation


Prefix: interdebate, outdebate, overdebate, postdebate, predebate, redebate,

Suffix: debater, debatingly, debated, debating, debatable,


interdebated, interdebating, nondebater, nondebating, outdebated, outdebating, overdebated, overdebating, predebater, undebated, well-debated


Origin and Entomolgy

First Known Use: 1250-1300;

(v.) Middle English debaten < Old French debatre, equivalent to de- de- + batre to beat < Latin battere, earlier battuere; (noun) Middle English debat < Old French, derivative of debatre

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