September 2017

  • Arbiter

    arbiter  Hear it.  noun  ar·bi·ter  \ ˈär-bə-tər \ 1: a person with power to decide a dispute :judge  The mayor will act as the final arbiterin any dispute between board members. 2: a person or agency whose judgment or opinion is considered authoritative  arbiters of taste arbitrator is a person chosen to settle differences in a disagreement arbitration is the act of judging, or…

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  • Valiant

    valiant  [fac_icon icon=”volume-up” color=”#000000″ color_hover=”#1e73be” font_size=”24px”] adjective  val·iant  \ ˈval-yənt \ 1. boldly courageous; brave; stout-hearted: a valiant soldier. 2. marked by or showing bravery or valor; heroic: to make a valiant effort. 3. worthy; excellent. valiantly (adverb) valiantness (noun) Synonyms: bold, courageous, dauntless, doughty, fearless, gallant, greathearted, gutsy, gutty, heroic (also heroical), intrepid, lionhearted, manful, stalwart, stout, stouthearted, undauntable, undaunted, brave Antonyms:…

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  • Praise

    praise  [fac_icon icon=”volume-up” color=”#000000″ color_hover=”#1e73be” font_size=”24px”]   \ ˈprāz \ verb 1. to express approval or admiration of; commend; extol. 2. to offer grateful homage to (God or a deity), as in words or song. noun 3. the act of expressing approval or admiration; commendation; laudation. 4. the offering of grateful homage in words or song, as an…

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