arbiter  Hear it. 

noun  ar·bi·ter  \ ˈär-bə-tər \

1: a person with power to decide a dispute :judge 

  • The mayor will act as the final arbiterin any dispute between board members.

2a person or agency whose judgment or opinion is considered authoritative 

  • arbiters of taste

arbitrator is a person chosen to settle differences in a disagreement

arbitration is the act of judging, or serving as an arbiter.

arbitrary is “existing or coming about seemingly at random or by chance or as a capricious and unreasonable act of will,”

Synonyms: mediator, judge, conciliator, intercessor, intermediary, middleman, peacemaker, referee, umpire, negotiator

Antonyms: agitator, anarchist, instigator, confronter, tattletale, rival, troublemaker, fighter, player, bomber


Suffix: -s, -able, -ate, -ration,

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