Young Christian Homeschool Student’s Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray that I may be the best that I can be in my studies and to develop a hunger to learn and the ability to organize my study time and the ability to retain and apply those things that are important to learn and retain. Make me a willing student, I pray and give me a thirst for the right sort of knowledge – not just the accumulation of irrelevant facts, but a wisdom to know how to apply all that I have learned in my daily life.

I pray that I would find grace in the eyes of my teachers, both my parents, family, and those placed above me. Give me the grace and wisdom extend a helping hand and a friendly smile to all with whom I come in contact and help me to deal with the other students and staff that seem to have a vendetta against those of us that trust in Jesus as our God and Savior.

May God go before me to lead me, God go behind me to protect me, God go beneath me to support me, God go beside me to befriend me. If I sin, may it be found out quickly so that I may ask forgiveness.

Lord I want to grow into a mature believer and there are many areas in my life that need Your fine tuning.. help me to be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to correct and train me – even when I would prefer to have my own way! Let me never forget that without You at the helm of my life I can do nothing – but that with You as the Anchor to my soul I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me the strength. Help me Lord to be the best that I can be in Jesus name I pray,


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  1. Edet Avatar

    I found this prayer really helpful. Drawing closer to the Lord through prayer now. Thanks for sharing!

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